On a clear day you can see....

Leaving for Toronto next week, have booked some shows, looks like I will be booking more. I am very sleepy right now, is very late and have been staring at screen for hours, just wanted to say how very happy I am at this moment. I have a two year plan starting to gel in my mind, and that is satisfying. I was going over the rough sketch of it tonight with Georgia and realized I'm totally highly functioning and making excellent progress in my career. I'm chuffed. Now, I just need that grant...or line of credit. I'm working on it.

Here is the rough sketch:

Do many standup shows, as many as possible
Do many shows with Rascalls, as many as possible
Possible weekly show with Rascalls beginning in spring, right after possible west coast gigs with Rascalls - Bellingham, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco.
Fringe show with Rascalls.
Solo show at Fringe. Yikes.
Massage school, in order to finally have mobile, barterable trade.
Take self, standup and mobile barterable trade to NYC by two years from now, do many shows there, live in rat infested dive, hired as writer for the Daily Show.

I'm going to bed now.

I shall dream of New York men.


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