Swish, swish.

I have had two very lovely and relaxing days in a row. I am in a very contented mood. I just wanted you to know that before I went to sleep. I have stayed up much too late tonight....much too late. And for very adolescent reasons. Mmmm, I like summer.

I was in such a good mood last night walking home down Commercial Drive from the skytrain, (yes, I rode transit all day yesterday, it was sooooo much better than being in my car plus I could have beer), that no less than three guys, total strangers, tried to pick me up. Like, tried really hard. Turned around and started walking the wrong way just to walk with me. Toothless drunks, mostly, but still. Why do toothless drunks love me so much?

Maybe it's because I look them right in the eye and smile. I am everybody's friend when I am happy. Plus, I think I swagger like nobody's business. I feel like it's been a while since I had such a sashay in my walk. I am feeling hot hot hot.

Lookit this:


And this:


You, as usual, will have to cut and paste. One of these days those bastards at Blogger are going to answer my damn questions about making the links live. Bastards!! Anonymous knows a lot about everything, maybe Anonymous can help solve this problem.


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sd said...

By god, you're right. You DO sashay. I gotta get me some of that. Your dad ised to say I was a prancer. I don't think guys dig that too much. Anyway after gazing lugubriously at my armpit deterioration today, I reponded by eating a Whopper. Which makes it a two-burger week, as you know, and it's only Tuesday. Love you Swishy! SD