Me funny.

I am sorry you lot missed the show I did last night. Very very good set. Complete with a grouchy heckler that I totally dealt with. Very proud moment there. Interesting setting for a comedy show. We were in an elementary school in New Westminster. There was also a death metal band. They were good for flirting with during my set. Seems we raised some money for breast cancer research, so I feel good about that, too. Was giddy.

Hm. That's all for now. Off to rehearse these crazy plays. I love my character, she is so dumb and so funny. You should come see these shows. They are fluffy, but fun. Like, this isn't how I'm going to change the world, but it makes me happy, which makes it more likely that I will continue my efforts to change the world.

I like things right now. I like working in theatre. I like comedy. I like improv. I like that someone text messaged me to tell me that they saw me on tv last night. I had no idea I was on tv last night. I think it must have been highlights from the Under the Volcano festival last week. I was emceeing and, if I recall, there were cameras there the whole time.

Argh...just getting going but am going to be late. More soon, I promise. Promises promises.



Anonymous said...

Yes. Her Funny. This lady sprawls around my house, scantily clad, sashaying, wrestling with her little brother, scissoring me between her creamy thighs, talking about guys and stuff and just giving me the best hours of my newly bereaved life. Spewing big clouds of Riellish love for life. I love her and need to post that here.

And yes, we do say the word "panties" a lot, and that's okay

mwah, mwah Ssssss

Anonymous said...

Finally made it to your blog site some months after being given directions by a gorgeous amazonian stevedore woman-handling a flower truck on Granville Island.
Hope to see you being funny very soon.