Buddy, can you spare a....moment of tenderness?

I have realized I'm straight up sad. That's all there is to it. So I'm just going to be sad for a while. That's kind of a warning to everyone. I'm going to be quiet and sleep lots and read books about adults who've lost a parent.

I'm going to start right now by going downstairs to lie down in my cozy little hovel. Maybe I'll read something, maybe I won't. Maybe I'll just lie on my back and lace my fingers together behind my weary head and pretend I'm six and I don't have to be anywhere, ever.

I worked for many, many hours today, drove everywhere, including Maple Ridge, (finally saw Fort Langley AND took the Albion ferry, for which there was a one hour wait), and accidentally answered the phone when someone I like called and burst into tears.

I am sort of starting to understand why people couple. Some days I just want to come home to someone who will stroke my hair and hold me without having to be asked. I'm starting to tire of panhandling for kindness. God, I'm so pathetic today. Who wants to stroke my hair and kiss my forehead and tell me I'm pretty? See? It's just like asking for spare change.

You know what cheers me up? Driving in the HOV lane.


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