Frio. Not caliente. Frio.

I just want you all to know that it is -23.33333 degrees celcius here right now. That's -10 farenheit for you 'Mericans. Are you aware how cold that is? It is ice on the INSIDE of the windows cold. It is snot freezing cold. It is too cold for the DOG to stay outside and bark at things all night, her most favorite thing in the world. Unfortunately for the dog, she did not grow her regular winter coat this season, since it was so warm for so long. She grew one, then she shed it like spring. Poor darling. So now she goes out in the snow and turns right around and gets let back in. And the cats are so bored from being inside and not hunting or running around that they are either asleep or pouncing on each other. It's pretty funny, watching the animals try to keep themselves entertained. The cats wait around the corner from each other and pretty much jump out and yell boo while swatting each other around the head. Actually, it keeps us entertained, too.

I'm off to try to get the dizziness cured tomorrow, wish me luck. I feel moderately less pukey today, so that makes me hopeful. Plus, I seem to be a bit zippy. Possibly cabin fever. Getting excited to get back to the city and doing things. Plus, I had a really cool chat with my mum tonight about getting grants for doing projects, taking workshops and writing shows. I'm all antsy to do fun things. Wheeee! Hoping my trapeze artist buddy wants to take me training with her. Best way to get strong fast. Hard hard hard work, but very rewarding and then you're on a trapeze!!!!!! Are you people hearing what I'm saying here? ON A TRAPEZE!! I love my life. No kidding.



Anonymous said...

riel! (lucy)

just though ti would leave you a little comment here. nothing actaully interesting to say, kieth gave me the link to your blog. because i told him i was using livejournal which is the same idea. anyway. i gues i will talk to you soon.

xo Lucy,.

The Devine Miss.Creant said...

Hi! Hi! Hi!
You were, of course, the one who inspired me to Blog in the first place. I look forward to seeing the inkwork, and hope that your ills are soundly abated. Let me know when you are in town. Two such fabulous, internet savvy Divas such as we....must do lunch!

The Don ® said...

R. just waned to mention that it's 19 degrees over here.. that's about 70 F.. ;)