Warning: The following post contains the word "ruckus".

I saw a bad play tonight. Sometimes when I see a bad play, I think for a while that I really, really hate theatre. But I don't. Not really. I just really, really hate self indulgent rape dramas. Smartly I did not sit next to my friend Pete, but in front of him, which must have been some kind of prescience on my part because it was so boring and irritating that there is no question that, had our proximity been different, we would have caused a real ruckus making jokes and generally being obnoxious. Why, oh why, God, do people use theatre as therapy? Just tell me a fucking story, for crying out loud. I'm sorry to swear AND take the Lord's name in vain, kind of, but the situation warrants it.

Then I went to see some comedy to cleanse my palette, and El Cocal came through. I really think it's my favourite comedy night in town. Wednesdays, 10pm, El Cocal restaurant, Commercial Drive at Napier. It's certainly my favourite place to perform. Which ought to be happening soon. Truth be told, I'm awfully swamped right now, so I'm not sure if I'll be back doing standup before the end of February, but I'll be doing some improv shows, so I'll let you know about that.

I'll be doing up a strictly "plugging" post soon, letting you know about all the cool stuff coming up.

I'm trying to write a joke about Menopausal Women Gone Wild. I think it's a funny premise. Of course, now you damned jokesters are going to send me jokes of that ilk, and I'll feel like a lump of non funny since yours were so much better than mine. Then I'll get bitter and jaded and steal your jokes. It was MY premise, after all.

Everyone turn to the person to your left and kiss them thoroughly. God, what a world THAT would be. I love kissing. Have I mentioned that before? Mm. Kissing.


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Sword Play said...

Ruckas ryhmes with tuckas!

I think I reached my rape drama quote in the late 80s early 90s. One show had a girl come up to me in the audience and say, "Why did you rape me poppa?"

What do you say? Sorry about the raping? Um... I don't know you. You were asking for it? What?

Glad the comedy was good. I learned this week not to do comedy if you haven't slept the night before. And don't rape anyone either.