My hair's on fire, put me out.

I am cleverly ensconced in the Okanagan Valley this week. Aren't I smart? Rivers and lakes abound, though I haven't actually dipped myself in yet. Likely later today. Mmmm, swimming.

Driving home from the Caravan Farm Theatre last night, (where I have roped myself into some volunteering...getting some things ship shape. Spent too many years implementing systems that worked to see it all crumble now. Have a meeting shortly to make sure all box office and front of house issues have been addressed), so driving from there to my mum's place and could see the deep orange glow of a forest fire over the hill. Watched it for a long time to see if it was moving our way. No officials have been here to say we're in any danger, so that's good, but it is smokey today, but the wind seems to have settled down, so that's good. Fire season upon us with a vengeance. Fire season, so strange it has it's own season. Like it goes winter, spring, summer, fire, fall.

Wanted to remind you all that I am feeling lazy about updating my upcoming gigs list on the blog, so you can check out my myspace site, www.myspace.com/rielhahn, for all pertinent info, 'til I get back on the regularity train with el bloggo.

Chuffed to be able to say that the Caravan show is quite wonderful this year. MacBeth, you see, one of Shakespeare's shortest, and set in the woods, and so beautiful and solid performances and direction. Huzzah!

Am trying to write something based on the phrase "farm noir" which I came up with last night. Pretty funny, I think.


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