My favourite thing was the horn.

My bike got stolen today. The rain that's happening clearly has something to do with this sad event. Actually, I WAS really sad about it, (it sucks waking up and going to where your bike used to be and now there's nothing), but a very good friend has offered to get me a new one. That's a pretty good friend, I'll tell you what. I felt kind of weird about it, but then I thought about not having a bike, and that he wouldn't offer if he didn't want to...anyway, I'm gonna let him. Aren't I sweet? No, wait, I mean...oh, never mind.

Stupid bike thieves. It wasn't even a good bike. Why not waste your thieving time on something you can get something for? Thiefy could probably get thirty bucks for my bike, or something like that. Grrr. Wait, I remember, I'm not mad anymore. Right.

New York City on Friday. It's not going to be hot there at all...ha ha, yes it will!

Excellent fundraiser/preview for the Rascalls Fringe show this past Saturday. Show was lovely, we learned so much, and it was simpler and more magical than even we thought it would be. And all were warm and generous, we got excellent feedback and made some dough to cover our production budget. Inspiring. I was so nervous before we did our show that I couldn't move the right side of my body. It was intense. I'm quite proud of us. Everyone should come see our Fringe show, (don't worry, I'll be reminding you of dates and times often), because I think it's going to be innovative and sweet and funny.

In a nutshell.


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