What? No Parade?

It's true. I arrived back in Vancouver last week and couldn't believe the lack of fanfare. I mean, there WERE fireworks, but I'm pretty sure that had to do with Canada Day. Although...

Home again. For a bit. Jonesing to get to the country and spend some time with my mum. She says it's been 900 degrees where she is, which might be an exaggeration. But I bet it feels that hot. I know how it can get there, where your brain seems to be on the verge of bursting into flames. At least it's a dry heat, and there are lakes and rivers nearby, for the moment. Who knows what will happen with all the climate change and whatnot. They'll use up all the water trying to put out all the fires. Yes, yes, fire season is upon us again. Amazing that it has it's own season. So, sometime after the 15th I'm headed up there. Why the 15th, you may ask? I'm goin' to a wedding. A lesbian wedding! My first ever. I'm excited. Not because it's lesbian, okay maybe a bit, but because the marry-ees are good together. I like going to weddings where I think it's a good idea for the people to be getting married.

Had a wicked good show at the Urban Well last night. Third show since I've been back from the east and I have learned something. I was so nervous for all my shows back east that I harnessed the energy and attacked. Then I got back to Vancouver and immediately did two lazy shows. No more. That is this week's lesson. Never can I do a set like it doesn't matter. Every goddamned one matters. So I MADE myself nervous last night. I paced and got dressed up and put on lipgloss and went over my set a hundred times and worked myself into quite a lather. It worked. So now I know I'm in control of how I am on stage. I really, really know it. I gotta show up every single time. I fucking love this. Am convinced of my imminent success.


Wide Lawns Subservient Worker said...

If you ever come to South Florida I will try to arrange a parade for you, although, be warned. It could be very small, and more than 900 degrees out. There could also be a hurricane, which is as bad as a fire, but in a different way. You can bring anonymous along too, since he/she/it has been feeling lonely.

James said...

Nice blog. I almost went for the green too, but:


Nice to meetcha. Keep on with the funny :)