okay, hobos. i'm moving. well...virtually, anyhow. i'm trying to figure out how to link my blog to my myspace site. i've discovered that the calendar on myspace is very convenient, and it's much easier to see dates and showtimes of mine there. easier for me to update, as well. i'd like to consolidate my interweb life. so i'm saying that i might not write here much. i'm not entirely sold on giving up the warrior princess, but maybe i am, too. erm...i'm not sure i have a blog in me anymore. for a while, anyway. i think maybe i've worked out what i needed to work out here, and now i just need to work. see?

anyway, while i think this over, find me at:


it's concise.



missyfitz said...

I am entirely against it! Kenny Bloggin's is way better.

murray said...

MySpace sucks ass. I made the opposite move from there to here.

I guess the calendar thing is cool, but there must be a better blogging site out there. One that doesn't suck the big one.

You'll see.