Indulge me. I did.

You can now hear the full podcast of my appearance on Guy MacPherson's radio show, "What's So Funny". It's an hour interview with me, plus a couple of comedy clips. I listened to it last night and I don't come off too badly. Honk honk.




banks! said...

I just listened to your podcast and all I can say is "Nice Tits!"

I'm back May 1st. Let's hang out.

miss sara said...

It was nice having you virtually in my livingroom for part of the evening...

susan D said...

And please now, indulge ME!

Okay so once I was on the radio, like you, only about eighty years ago. It was CJRT in TO, my ain toon. I was promoting the first series of Canadian films in prime time on CBC, which at that time was my passion. The films, at any rate, if not the network.

Well, like you and Madeline, I was utterly charmed and beguiled by myself and made the mistake of using the word, "fealty" in an offhand yet correct manner. Can't remember exactly how but I think it was, somewhat loftily, "I have no great fealty towards Canadian cinema: I just think these are really terrific movies everyone should see." (Oh ha, young Susan)

Anyway, if your dad and his buds are Scottish/TO jazz musicians this broadcast will cause them to dissolve into paroxysms of mirth, even though they all get played on this esoteric jazz station.

Unwelcome comments will be brayed, such as, "Oh, aye! Gie us a wee fealty!!" (As in "Give us a feel") or...

"Ach, Freddie, have ye heard yon lassie o'yorn on the wireless? She's having a wee fealty, right enough!!"

And so on and so on and it took me years to recover from the usage (albeit correct) of such a word. I was a scant 28 and very full of my powers as a doyenne of Canadian culture.

To this day, one cannot use the word "fealty" in my family (of which you are a valued and loved member) without enduring snickers and chuckles.

This is the risk of radio.

lots of love,
your loving stepmum,