Hmph. Have been having not very good reports of MySpace from people looking for my show listings. Apparently you can't look at anything in detail if you're not a member, which is a pain in the ass. The experiment might not be working. Also, I'm finding it a bit weird. Kind of fishbowly, or big brothery, or something. People all up in my bidness. As it were. Plus, user interface is important. I don't always keep my listings totally up to date here on blogger, but at least it's a nice, soft green colour, and it's kind of quiet. MySpace is like a small town. Infidelia is like being in a field. Ahhhhhh...this feels really nice here. Very relaxing. Maybe MySpace can be my city house, and Infidelia my country house. I've always wanted both. I don't know, but I'll make an effort to keep things more current here, because I kind of missed it. Sigh. What I won't do for boys.


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Anonymous said...

Anonymous would miss you if you left. Don't...go. (I just re-read this and realized how creepy I sound when I refer to myself in the third person. Will refrain from doing so in future. But for the love of french fried pertaters keep the blog afloat).