Just a nice thing.

One morning earlier this week I was on my way to work, via the bus. It was a nice morning, no rain, a little sun, not too early. I had my ipod on and was having a sweet ease into the day walking to the busstop. I got on the bus and saw a friend sitting at the very back, wearing headphones and reading one of those free dailies we have now. He looked up, we waved and I gestured that I didn't want to talk, I was listening to music, he indicated his paper and headphones and we smiled. I sat next to him and after a few seconds put my arm around him. A beat, then he put his head on my shoulder and kind of leaned into me and continued reading. We stayed like that until my stop, when I kissed him on the forehead and got off the bus. We waved and blew kisses, both beaming. We never uttered a word. It was one of the best mornings I have had in a long time.

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