Upcoming Shows

I'm doing standup comedy shows this week people. Not to mention high potential of thoughtful prose coming your way.

Wednesday, March 16th, El Cocal, 1033 Commercial Drive, at Napier, 9:30ish, $3

Thursday, March 17th, (to be confirmed), Zizanie, 7th and Fir, 9:30, no cover

Sunday, March 20th, DV8, Davie between Seymour and Richards, 10pm, pretty sure there's no cover.

Stay tuned to find out when the star studded Stretch Mouth'd Rascalls will be starting regular weekly gigs. It'll be very, very soon.

Be kind to each other.



Sword Play said...

You're the Jude Law of comedy.
Have you just franchised your name to other comics? Because you're in too many places to be one person.

melons said...

no way man. jude law never had a computer that sexy. she's more like the telly sevalas except instead of a cool looking lollypop she has this bitching computer she carries with her all the time.

Infidelia said...

is the computer bitching, or bitchin'? because it makes a difference, you know. i would never carry a computer around if it bitched all the time. although, this morning it refused to turn on, and i thought that was kind of bitchy. i almost fainted thinking that i've only had the thing for 2 days and i've already broken it. but i read the user guide and figured it all out. strange little tempermental machine.