Oooh, fancy schmancy.

I. Am. So. Full.

Went to dinner with my mummy and brother and we ordered too much food. It's so easy to do at Bin 942, because you think everything is going to be all tapas sized, and it is, but it's so rich and delicious that you kind of overdo it. In a kind of fun, first world problem kind of way. Poor me, too much food!

Now I'm back at home and playing with the new computer. Oh, man. I'm so in love with my purty new iBook G4 and iPod mini....slutty, no?

Sorry if any of you turned up at Zizanie last night... never did confirm that show date. But I'm definitely at DV8 on Sunday. I had a great time at El Cocal on Wednesday. It was a small crowd, and kind of a weak show, but my set was solid, and I remembered how much I love doing comedy. It felt totally different than it ever has before. Somewhere along the line doing all this performing as an improvisor has really boosted my faith in myself as a presence on stage. So that's a fear I don't have to address now, and now I can just concentrate on being funny, connecting with the audience and having a good time. Which I did. So I'm going to try to book lots of shows, so there will be lots of chances to see me in action. Action!

I'm going to watch some dvd's now. Curl up on the couch with the cat. My roommates are away for the weekend, so I have all this nice alone time. Very refreshing.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding a weekly show hosted and produced by the Stretch Mouth'd Rascalls. We rule, and you will not be sorry when you come see us do our thang.



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