Sneezing and sneezing

And sneezing...geez. This is ridiculous. My head is exploding!!

Show last night at Zizanie was sub par. I'm not sure what is going on with me and standup....it's different than it was before. Lots of the comics are saying they're glad to see me back up there, but I feel very, um, indifferent to it. I really want to get back to where it was such a joy and I'm convinced that the way to do that is to get our own theatre space going...a dedicated improv/sketch/standup theatre that is the base for a couple of ensembles. Then I could produce standup in a theatre environment, which I like better than the club scene.

Oh, my head is all stuffy and woozy now. I can't think straight. I'll write something funny tomorrow. Huh...that's practically my credo.

Just so you all know....I am seriously jonesing for some necking. Just so you know. Seriously. Kissing!! Kissing! KISSING!!!! God, I love kissing. You could ask practically anyone. Seriously. I'm extremely kissable. Yummy.


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Geekspeak said...

Hi, it's your uncle. I know how you feel; I get bad allergy days from time to time where I'm sneezing all day long.