Quit shakin' your eyes!

Ooooh, drove flowers around for 10 and a half hours today!! Oh, man, I didn't realize it was that long until I counted just now. No wonder my eyeballs are all wonky. And my ass seems to be extremely flat and wide all of a sudden. Hm, didn't know it could do that. Is my ass made out of playdough?

I would like to leave a longer post...but I'm having an emotionally trying week and I don't think it's stuff I can really talk about here. Here's some good stuff, though.

Ryan Stiles said he wants the Stretch Mouth'd Rascals booked at his theatre in Bellingham as much as possible. One of our stretchy guys, Jeff, will be away until Februrary, but Ryan said he'd play with us. Cooooooool.

The show at DV8 this past Sunday was AWESOME. Aubrey got subjects from the audience and then the comics had to write jokes on the spot and get up one by one to tell them. We did it three times. The most consistent comic won ten dollars. (Actually, the most consistent comic won an I.O.U. for ten dollars from Aubrey, but his heart was in the right place.) These were the subjects suggested by the audience, two per round, comics choosing which one they wanted, or combining the two:

Round 1: Babies' Pants & Halloween

Round 2: Zoos & Feet

Round 3: Quantum Mechanics & The Film Festival

My jokes were totally lame for the first two rounds, but I pulled it outta the fire in round three with TWO quantum mechanics jokes:

I took my car into the shop the other day, I thought they were regular mechanics but I guess they were quantum mechanics because the tune up cost $400.

One atom says to the other atom, "How's your wife?"
The second atom says, "I don't know, she split."

Wokka wokka wokka

The most fun thing about the night was the risk factor. For me it was total joy because being an improvisor means that I'm prepared to fail when making stuff up on the spot. But you shoulda seen the other comics panicking. Rightly or wrongly it brought me much glee to watch them squirm. Heh. Aubrey is going to do that kind of show once a month there, the other three Sundays will be regular shows. I think as long as I can do shows like that one regularly I'll maintain my love of standup.

I have two crushes. But I'm not saying who they are!!



melons said...

you mean you didn't use this one...

Two atoms are walking down the street and one atom turns to the other atom and says "I think I'm missing an electron."

The other atom says "Are you sure?"

To which the first atom replies "I'm positive!"

Ba-dum crash!

PS. I put up a pic for you on my web journal. Go see it. It will inspire more jokes. :)

Anonymous said...


Gawd I love that cartoon with the two playing Scrabble.

Glad to hear DV8 went well!! I keep meaning to check you out, but keep forgetting. :-(

We need to get together for dinner or coffee without HIM. ;-)


Infidelia said...

I'm in. I do like HIM, though. He's awfully dashing. Plus he's being really nice to me this week. I'm on his blog and everything. I'm still in, though. Just gimme a call. HE has my number....

Altruistic Dad said...

A handsome young Earthman named White
Met a lady from Altaire one night
With love overloaded
They kissed, and exploded
'Cause her DNA didn't curl to the right

(I don't remember the author's name, but it appeared in a late-Eighties issue of Amazing Stories Magazine).