Sunday is for Lovers. Or, if you don't have a lover, Brunch.

Well. I was getting all prepared to sit down and write about how I was listening to the new Ben Harper with the Blind Boys of Alabama CD, (soooooooo goooood), but have found the upstairs CD player to be fussy today. I got all settled in with my mug of earl grey, (little sugar, little soy milk), and the CD only skips and skips on an endless little loop in the first song. Won't even play the second song. And the player seems to be making this noise....like an airplane taking off. I'm pretty sure that when your electronics start making noises like that it's time to make sculptures out of them.

But the tea is nice. And the day is spectacular. Spent the first hour and a half of my day on the phone. Lazing in bed having a nice, long chat with a friend who gives good phone. You know how there are a couple of people in your life that just seem to inspire fun phone conversations. Jonah is one of those.

Jonah. You can see how that name feels biblical on the tongue. What is it about biblical names that makes them feel so particular? Elijah. Joseph. Sarah. Rebekah. Ezekial. Yahweh. Jonah. A certain placement on the palate, a weight, a history, a wisdom, sort of a sweetness, too. Old testament, I guess. Hebrew.

I can hardly think of the name Jonah without thinking of the Violent Femmes song "Dating Days". Somewhere in that song, (I'm pretty sure it's that song), there's a lyric that goes, "Jonah's smart, he swallowed the whale...". I always think of that.

Preparing to meander over to Soma and visit with Pete. (Mr. New). Giving him time to accomplish some "good writing", as he put it. I don't know how much time he needs. What if he spends an hour and only gets mediocre writing done? Then he won't want to play cards. Or, he'll be just disgruntled enough that I'll win at cards, so maybe that would be good. I like winning.

I'm excited about the DV8 show tonight. Even though I've been waffling about maybe going to Victoria and skipping out on the show. But I won't. Aubrey will be getting subjects from the audience and all the comics will have to come up with new jokes right on the spot. Good times. Right up my clever little alley. (Does that sound dirty? I can't tell. Everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, sounds dirty to me.).

But before that, but after cards with Pete, I'm going to go see Garden State with Ajineen. If you're ever friends with Ajineen, (you should be so lucky), you have to call her voice mail every few days and listen to the excellent outgoing messages she has. Songs! Funny. She's an awesome lady and I am very pleased with myself for getting to be friends with her. She's a sparkling, lovely, smart, sweet, self possessed woman, with talent up the wazoo. Actor, singer, fiddle/violin player...and on and on. And she's hot. Like...hot. Remember back during the Fringe Festival when I talked about the show "Plentiful"? She was one half of the creative force behind that.

Enough about Ajineen. Seriously.

Seem to have filled up my Sunday. Good. Have next two days off, too. Really, really, really, really, really need to clean up my room. And do laundry. Really, really, really, really. But not today. So effin' beautiful out there. What the hell am I doing on the computer?


Here I go.

You are lovely. Don't forget it.



Anonymous said...

I have an ex named Jonah, and believe me that boy could have swallowed a whale. (nudge nudge wink wink)

I miss him. :-(


melons said...

did you like garden state? i'm curious to see what you thought?

The Don ® said...

So.. Brunch it is for me.. :((

Infidelia said...

Sigh....me, too. Good thing I like brunch.

The Don ® said...

Hop on a plane, come to Kuwait, and we'll have a brunch together next Sunday.. :PP

Infidelia said...

Uh huh...brunch in the middle east....just the kind of reckless adventure I've been looking for. What would we eat, Chopper Man?

The Don ® said...

We have a place called "Blue Fig" on the port.. Has freakin' amazing brunch.. it's on me, get your @$$ over here.. LOL