It has happened y'all. I found two grey hairs. And I know they are new because they are short. And I have to assume that if there are two, there are more. And I wasn't even looking for them. Well, I wasn't looking for the first one, but I was looking for the second one. Then I stopped looking. Oh, man. I've been so pleased at not having grey hair. But they are new, and I have to assume they have to do with all this new worrying. So. Let's get ourselves together, shall we selves? And calm the fuck down. I don't want to start coloring my hair again. It's a pain. And cancerous. Serenity now, fuckers!


murray said...

Grey hair is hot.

Suey said...

Hey Medusa, I have to add my heartfelt appreciation for "fucksack". That was so fine. You may or not remember, but your dad had an enduring affection for the word "sack". It fell into his category of just really rude things to say, a la "Suck my saggy ass" or "Fuck the Christ child". Anything to do with nutsack, or sack in general gave him a good chortle. But the real reason I'm writing is to commend you for "Serenity now, fucker!" That's got to be the most Riellian phrase I've ever seen. Love you lots. I'm coming tomorrow, albeit alone. Ain't gots nobody free tomorrow.

Infidelia said...

those bitches don't know what they're missing.

and grey hair may be hot at a certain point in a woman's life, but NOT NOW. I still have to pretend I'm younger than I am for a little while, 'til I get really, really famoush. Shee how it ish.

Suey said...

Um,in case anyone cares, I am 48 and although increasingly, awesomely hot I am now growing grey hairs in my eyebrows. Chyeah! I am being mistaken for Martin Landau just about every day.

Okay, that's me. Riel was fucking incredible tonight, for all you losers who didn't come to Yuks.
Yeah, that means you!!


your favorite idiot said...

i certainly wasn't sneaking around reading your blog...no sneaking required.

now about that hug. always available.