do it

hey. patient friends. no real post tonight. just wanted to remind you that if you look slightly to the right of these words -> you will see something that says "Riel's Upcoming Shows". if you click on that it will bring up my myspace page, which has all my standup dates and times listed. check 'er out. there's lots. and y'all keep asking when you can come and see me. so...now...come and see me, bitches! put yer proverbial money where your proverbial mouth is. especially come wednesday the 18th to yuk yuk's when i'm doing the competition and the audience response counts for so much of the score. i kind of want to go to the finals. i think it's going to be an awesome lineup at the finals and i want to be a part of it.

oooo...i'm taking cold medicine and i'm a bit woozy. anyway, come see my show.

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