Rhubarb Rhubarb. (Did someone say something about looooove?)

I finished the play. The short one. Submitted it to the festival. Very pleased with myself. Very very pleased with and grateful to Penelope for sitting on me to get it done. I was talking to my friend Tom today and he was talking about all the things he has started writing and not finished and I told him he needs his own private Penelope. Then I thought that was a good title for something.

Here's some good news, for me at least. Looks like the guy I'm subletting from isn't coming back 'til some time in the fall, so I don't have to move again for a while. Yay, I can finish unpacking! I was starting to feel a bit anxious about finding a spot to be. This totally saves my life for the next few months...have a base while in and out of town, and likely will be able to help my brother out with a place when he needs it, as well. Hopefully we'll be in and out of town at odd times so we can share. Or, actually, I'm not really sure I do hope that, because that would mean we would never see each other. He's still on the beach in Thailand. Man, that'd be nice.

I've decided to put an add on Craigslist asking if anyone would like to take me on a trip to Mexico. How's that for a plan? Could be creepy, but maybe I'll get a trip to Mexico. Or Southern California. Or Arizona. Or any fucking place warm. I need some time being warm. Hot, even. Baking. (Yes, yes, I will wear very strong sunscreen so as not to damage my peaches and cream...)

So, let's say you have been avoiding romantic relationships for a long time for various reasons, and recently you have come to the conclusion that you are ready for one, and then you meet someone who really makes your heart go ba-boom, and you hook up, but maybe he/she lives across a border, or something, and you are unclear on whether he/she would necessarily be interested in pursuing something, even though there was clearly a sweet connection there...how do you make it happen? Or something. My "friend" was asking. It's not me. Why would you think that?

I wrote a play. God, it's satisfying to say that.

And I just won a game of online Scrabble. Always puts me in a good, if a bit smug, mood. Dinner time.


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miss sara said...

Congratulations!! That is a huge accomplishment...