Dr. Rock and the Millenium Cats

I remember when I used to think that you couldn't really start living until you had figured life out. That you could not proceed forward until you had all the questions answered. Where on earth did I get that idea? Anyway, I'm happy to realize that the whole life thing is like this and that getting used to it and enjoying as much as you can along the way is probably going to behoove you.

I got away from myself in my head during that sentence, but hopefully my awkward little jumble of words conveyed my thoughts a little.

Just thinkin' on things.


murray said...

If nothing else, life is two things: short, and mind-bogglingly complicated. I say, if you spend all your time trying to figure life out, you'll be dead before you're ready to live.

Enjoy the simple things, like vagina fat. We all enjoy vagina fat now and then.

Sooze said...

Maybe we should take Murray's lead and start a thread about the "simple things of life, like vagina fat".

My simple things today are:

1. Thwarting the belligerent posse of raccoons who live around my house by "accidentally" forgetting to safely dispose of toxic substances I've been using on my new front stairs.

2. Relishing my new-found maturity in allowing everyone to now love Johnny Cash, where once only I did. Talk to me when they do a big "George Jones" movie, starring Jim Carrey or say, Greg Kinnear.

3. The best thing about gaining ten pounds, is that your breasts inevitably look better. For that I am grateful. 128 pounds is good and foxy, but 136 pounds is deeper, richer, and more profound.

Hmmmmm. more later. Bye baby!