I hate animals, I love fur.

Riel, Toronto
Toronto, Riel.

"Oh, hello, good to meet you", says Riel, "thanks for having me."
"Welcome," says Toronto, looking Riel right in the eye, "welcome. Please, feel free to look around, stay as long as you like, make yourself at home."
"Oh, thank you," whispers Riel, "thank you."
"It is my pleasure", says Toronto with a sly grin.
Toronto sure is a flirt, thinks Riel, and she likes it. She is happy.
"One more thing", says Toronto.
"Yes?" Riel listens attentively.
Toronto raises a cautionary eyebrow and leans in, "Use your time here wisely."
"Oh," Riel breathes in hard. "Oh, yes." Determination settles on her face. "Yes, I will."

I am booking tons of shows, I made Preston Manning laugh, I have seen bluegrass and latin music, I have stood up and made jokes in front of no audience, I have worn a pink fur coat, (real fur), and nothing else for hours on end, I have taken the town by the tail and swung it around. I love Toronto, I know you might think it's too soon, but you know that's how I operate.



miss sara said...

i spent a grand total of 4 hours in Toronot and decided. yep. i'd move then in a blink of an eye. i can relate.

sean said...

Say Hi to Toronto for me. I miss you, Toronto, but we don't work well together right now. Maybe someday we will again.