If I tell you all of my secrets and you still love me, then I guess I'm doing pretty well. That is what I've come to today. That is why I started this blog, I think, so I could lay it all out there and hopefully still have a few buddies left at the end of it. You are all sticking with me pretty sweetly. I think I may be kind of an extremist. (I see one eyebrow going up knowingly on almost everyone's faces).

Well, anyway, there are still some things I haven't told. And lots of love still. I am a lucky girl.

In the context of an already slightly raunchy conversation today, dot dot dot, someone told me that someone told him that I give great blow jobs. This, my friends, made my day. This is a skill I am very proud of, so, you know, to have it come back to you that you are living up to your own expectations, well, that's a good feeling.

I have conceived of an entirely knew standup set that I am very excited about. I think it may start to turn into my solo show. I'm feeling a bit inspired of late. Maybe I'll call that rich old Italian man I met who wants me to move in with him. Dominic. Time for a sugar daddy?



iamthatdude said...

LOL I guess thats the greatest high!! when someone praises you at something that you know you are good at, you feel you are zooming on the right track. :-). I did get experience a similar feeling of pleasure and warmth when my gf confirmed that one principal factor that attracted her to me was the gossip that she heard from one of my ex gf that I do a swell job dining down under . She says she is not at all disappointed. :-). As to time management, well check me out at www.iamthatdude.blogspot.com, maybe you might find somthing that I had drooled down earlier on this subject.

Anonymous said...

i remember this one time, way back in the day, it was just me and Xena relaxing in the jacuzzi, topless, after a hard day's battling evil. she was all humming "it's been a hard day's night" (her favourite song), sharpening that slice-y hoop thingy, then she turns to me all out of the blue and is all like, "you give the best spongebaths Gabrielle", and i was all like, "wow, you know, thanks, i always thought so, but it's nice to hear".

and then we did it.

o wait.

'regular princess' my ass, should be BJ princess. apropos, markus says hi from the land of his burning home. we had a lovely chat about depravity (his) and chastity (mine, forced), last week ( -2 weeks?) while he was in town pimping PJ's stag/wedding/fiasco.


urban_improv said...

If someone said you suck at blow jobs are they being redundant?