Small packages

Well, folks. This is a very good day. A very good day, indeed.

Our shows in Bellingham were great, especially Saturday. We're really settling into knowing each other's strengths, and using them. Also challenging each other in really great ways. Ryan Stiles came to the Friday early show and loved it, which was fun. I made him laugh, like really laugh, which made me very happy. He knew my dad when I was younger, too, so he always does a little check in with me, which is tender and kind. I like him for that.

I don't know how many people know that I have a terrible fear of singing in public, but I do. So during one of the Saturday shows Tallulah set us up to do an improvised blues song, Tom played guitar and Jeff played piano and I SANG. Like, sang sang. Like, with a microphone and all by myself on stage. I wasn't even scared. I loved it like crazy. And, apparently, I was quite good. I have a good low gravelly growly blues thing I can do, I found out, and it's a crowd pleaser! I'm a bit giddy about it. It's a big step.

Then we went down to Seattle yesterday to check out the Unexpected Players at Seattle Theatresports. They've invited us down there to do shows, so hurrah for us! I love the Stretch Mouth'd Rascalls. We're discussing a web site and stuff, and looking for a local theatre space to do weekly shows, so exciting things abound.

Then today....do you remember when I mentioned a few months ago that some comedian friends had written me a part in their indie film? Well, we're shooting in April! I'm freakin' excited, I tells ya. Doing a little jig as we speak.

Plus, it's sunny all the time right now, which is good good good for my demeanor. And I'm getting together with a buddy this week to learn some songs on the guitar and banjo and play and sing them at the same time!!!!!

Happy happy joy joy.


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