Little bug.

As in, I think I have a little bug. It's been plaguing me for days, and I am logie and hollow eyed. I may have already said this. My brain is not with me. I don't know where it is. I wonder when it's coming home. So logie I slept through most of the hockey game. Back to bed now, for a long night's sleep, before what seems like a busy week, even though I can't figure out why I think that. A few things pushing ahead in the medical department this week, I guess, makes me a bit anxious. Oh, and the show on Saturday. Right. That thing. Sick feeling in stomach. Luckily I have very sexy new shoes and sexy shoes always fortify me on stage.

I will tell you all about how I am moving forward in the healing department, healing of the fractured mind, etc., maybe tomorrow or something. Meantime I feel like I'm hallucinating, like swatting things away from my face that I'm sure are not really there. Just on some other planet entirely. Okay, though, you know. Nervous, but not upset. Feeling good. Even when I'm not feeling good, I'm riding it out. Positive things. Scared but not scared. And, obviously, totally able to articulate it.

Shag it, I'll be back later in the week.


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