Knock knock.

Hello, you lot. I am still here. Have moved away from Kitsilano and the untenable situation, into the cushiest living environment ever. It is such a pleasure to come home.

This particular evening I am home from a 13 hour work day, at my regular job and then bartending an event. My feet are a bit tired, and my eyes, but my spirits are good. April has been a very up and down month, lots of down, but lots of realizing myself and getting back to the basic goals I laid out for myself this winter.

I feel a bit incoherent at the moment, actually. I wanted to write something, to get back in the habit of it. But tonight may not be the right time. Perhaps tomorrow while the Canucks are getting their tushies smacked by Anaheim. I am loving watching hockey this year. Steak and hockey. So Canadian, so good.

I have booked a comedy show on May 5th. Nervous as hell, if you want to know the truth, but gonna do it anyway. Have to test the waters. Haven't booked another because I want to see how it feels.

Today, this moment, I am contented. And I have an egg salad sandwich and a cookie calling my name. I will make an effort to write more, I do miss it. Thank you all for your patience.


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Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Ma Belle!