a room of my own

Oh, oh, oh. Wherever have I been. I do find time to be slipping by, eluding me. Life is full and rich, to quote my friend David Petersen. Every little droplet of this life.

I'm procrastinating from packing. I was perfectly on schedule all day, though running low on fuel as stayed up almost all night smooching. Heh heh. It's been a bit of a glowy few days in that department. I have no expectations, but I do have little fantasies. It's very new, and now we are both leaving for a little while, so that's good. I'd like time to just enjoy the idea before any reality sets in. The idea is so sweet. I can tell you this, it's been a long time since someone was so tender with me, so willing to express his delight in being with me. That's kind of awesome, no?

Oh, love. So wonderous, so fleeting.

I am off tomorrow morning to winter at the Caravan Farm Theatre. www.caravanfarmtheatre.com (Still haven't figured out how to make these links live, so cut n' paste, y'all). Ah, a cabin in the snowy woods. Yes, yes. These are good days.

I want to say this about the aforementioned boy....here's how he made me feel - like his hands were covered in beauty and as he touched a part of me he would leave some behind there, until I was all over beautiful.

I shan't gush any longer...but it'll be nice to think about on the long drive up to the country tomorrow.

Kindness, Love,



Joe Nobody said...

Good luck.

sly said...

lovely. isn't it amazing how love can make you feel beautiful :)