Boom chica boom chica boom boom boom.

It has been quite a week. A WEEK????!! It feels like months. I arrived last Friday to a rousing chorus of the Hockey Night in Canada theme song....it's good to be where people know you so well. Started work on Saturday, prepping for the onslaught of public. Cleaning cleaning cleaning. Decorating everything with cedar boughs and twinkie lights....this place dresses up nice. It was strange to land in the middle of production, instead of being here as everyone else arrives, but so sweet to land in my Cabana....my teensy cabin in the woods, that has electricity(!!) so I don't have to stoke a fire and my home is always toasty. I have wine and cribbage and a stereo there, as well....

The show, "A Night in the Woods", is just wonderful. Funny, funny. It's a joy to be able to say so, as I'm always on the front lines with the public and they've been a bit complainy the last couple of years. They are absolutely thrilled to bits this year, and leaving so happy. Ahhhh....the laughter of children...and drunk adults. We've managed to stay on sleighs thus far, though it's very warm and we are nearly out of snow now. Seems unless there is a surprise snow storm, (unlikely, as the sun is glorifying us today), we will be on wagons tomorrow. Too bad, as it is significantly less magical on wagons, very bumpy.

We had a few preview shows, then the official opening Thursday night. We do three shows a day, 4, 6 and 8pm, with soup at 5 and dinner at 7. It's a hectic schedule, to be sure, but there is a rhythm we fall into that is pleasurable. Absolutely aces crew this year, it's a little smaller than usual, and all people who really know it here, so no one needs to be coddled, we all just go about our business and our pleasure feeling grateful to be here.

Our opening night party was sweet as pie, complete with drinking and eating and so much visiting and even a little breakdancing to top off the night. There is this really neat guy here, recently married to one of our box office divas, who is Tibetan. She met him while living in India for a year, working with Tibetan monks in exile. He is always smiling, and working so hard, and regaling us with tales of escaping terrible oppression. He has some grim stories, but they are fascinating. There is a particularly grim one to do with a can of Coca Cola and the immediate self expulsion of two tapeworms out his mouth.....you can imagine how gross it is to hear the whole thing. Gives me shivers. Anyway, he busted out with the breakdancing on opening...the guy is full of surprises. Topped off the drunken revelry with a good heat up in our cedar sauna, not for the feint of heart, and certainly not to be undertaken alone when full of boozy treats, for fear of passing out. But naked and happy and HOT. Sometimes, it's just what you need to get so hot here that it's nothing to wander around in the snow with nothing but your boots and a towel.

It's so strange that it looks like April here right now....mostly muddy with remnants of snow, but word on the street is VERY cold by Thursday. -15 celcius. Yikes. Now I'm feeling reassured about having packed so many warm things.

Had a good night out at the local Armstrong watering hole. Rosie's. We love a Rosie's night. Play the juke box, some pool, drink with townies. Some of whom I know, some of whom I give a wide berth. We have a day off today, so some of us, (not me, oddly), went for broke. So, at 3am I was woken from my perfect sleep by five of my colleagues, playing the harmonium and wearing Mexican wrestling masks and holding candles, scraping at my door. Let me say this. It was truly a creepy sight to wake up looking at. Especially in the woods. Especially at 3am. Especially without my glasses on. But great, too, you know, because how often does that happen? I was naked, so I stayed in bed, waiting to see if they would come in, but when they decided I wasn't playing, they left, moved on to someone else's cabin. So I waited patiently, 'til I heard the crunching of their feet in the snow returning, and quietly crouched in the dark until they were very close, when I yelled BOOOOOO! as loud as I could and scared the bejeezus out of them. Very satisfying and we laughed and laughed.

So today I am drinking tea and doing the Globe and Mail Saturday crossword, and will venture out in a bit to see Lemony Snicket in Vernon, then have dinner at my mummy's house.

Show-ER! Show-ER! That's my next big exciting move today.

What else.....oh, some other thoughts and feelings, but you know what? I'm just going to leave those for a bit.

Best of the season to ya'll....it's my birthday Tuesday. YAY!! More party!!




Anonymous said...

Sacramento wishes you a Happy Birthday Waar-ior!

Anonymous said...

Sacramento wishes you a Happy Birthday Waar-ior!

The Don ® said...

Kuwait wishes you a happy birthday, and a great holiday season.. Marry X-Mas dear.. with love..

Anonymous said...

December 21st.

Happy Birthday Infidelia!!!!! I love you!


The Don ® said...

Happy New Year R... we still miss you in here.. :(