Last year when I was in New York City, (remember that? I do, with longing, every single minute of every single day...), I asked you for writing assignments.  I said I would work on them in my own time and post them here, and email you to let you know your personal assignment had been completed.  I finished one called First Kiss that was assigned to me by Adriana Bucz, and performed it as a story at the storytelling event, The Flame, last year.  Since then I have been working on some of these assignments, but haven't posted them, I suppose out of some bit of fear.  Yeah, yup, that's right, writing is frightening to me.  The most treasured skill I have, and I am afraid of it.  However, I am aware that the only way forward into my ideal future is to write, and to write like mad.  So I am.  I am not as disciplined as I would like yet, but am hanging tight.  One of the things is to finish your assignments.  And to post them before I think they are perfect, because they never, ever will be.  I am going to start now.  The very next post is an assignment sent to me by my friend, Steffi. 

Love you madly,


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