Brief Encounters - Serge and Riel meet. Riel gets choreographed!

Serge and I met today. He is French french. I gave myself over to the universe and Serge started to improvise movement pieces for me. I won't give it all away, what we are thinking, but it's not like anything I've done before, and that, my friends, is why I am alive. Truly.

I have just come away from a conversation with a friend where I told her I think I'm grateful to be alive. And as soon as I had said it I knew it was true on a level I haven't experienced before. I am grateful for all of it, the good, the hard, the beautiful, the absurd, the pain in the ass, the pain, the pleasure. All of it. So rich.

Just being. Not waiting.

What a lesson. A thirty-eight year lesson. I am so intrigued by how everything will unfold. Like, for the rest of my life.

Travel gently,



Bernie Letourneau said...

Hi, enjoyed your blog. I'm a novice writer and very new to the blogging world. Words have always floated around in my brain with the other mush. I'm just now formally trying to get it down in a coherent form online instead of just with pen and paper or pencil and paper. Honestly its been easier with the computer, just back space and start again. Unfortunately there is no backspace in life, just keep stroking those keys.

Kass said...

Okay, I just scanned all through your blog, listened to a few things and now have decided that Canadians are funny because their view of the world is skewed just like the configuration of their mouths when they say aboot.