Where and When I am.


Upcoming Shows -

MON FEB 9th - Chivana - 8pm - 2340 West 4th Ave. - Urban Improv unveils Nerdprov, I sing, Canadian Content does their award winning improv. Special night, free admission!

TUES FEB 10th - Kino Cafe - 9:30pm - Cambie between 18th and 19th.

THURS FEB 12th - Kingston Tap House - 9pm - 755 Richards, downstairs.

TUES FEB 17th - Darby's - 9pm - 4th @ MacDonald

FRI FEB 20th - Cameo - 9pm - 295 W. 2nd Ave

SUN FEB 22nd - Corduroy's Cafe - 8:30pm - 1943 Cornwall Ave in Kits.

TUES FEB 24th - Yuk Yuk's competition - 8:30pm, $5, Burrard at Comox at the Century Plaza Hotel.

FRI FEB 27th - FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery - 6pm til midnight - $17.50

SUNDAY FEB 15th - I will be a guest on What's So Funny, Guy MacPherson's radio show. Co-op Radio, 102.7, 11pm.

Things to see and hear:

This aired on CBC TV's Living Vancouver -
Bikini Waxing

You can listen to my songs here:
The Riel Revolution

You can listen to Guy MacPherson interview me here:
What's So Funny

You can listen to me guesting on the Justice Pals Podcast here:
Eric and Shaun!



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murray said...

I wish I could see you tomorrow night at Yuk-Yuk's. I have an evening midterm. Good luck!