Bow before the Earl of Grey.

Hi. Head full of goo, can't hear so well out of my left ear. Working with the public and taking their money is very, very dangerous.

Wanted you to know I've booked some shows, so check out the calendar by clicking on the thing over there ===> that says upcoming shows.

I also wanted you to know that it took me a while to realize that it's not that I turn to this blog when I have no coping skills, but that this blog IS a coping skill. When I feel low, or confused, sad or lonely, there it is, waiting patiently for me to have a place to unravel the tangled up yarns.

So I have a kitchen table and the internet at home. Just in time for the onset of Gun In Mouth Weather season. (Affectionately so dubbed by Garnet.) Possibly this cozy little apartment will save me this grey and chilly time around.

Last night I dreamed about my bike. I dreamed I stole it back from a junkie. Probably more prescient than anything else. Since likely it's a junkie who has it. I've been walking home from work lately, it's kind of a good length of walk, and noticing all the homeless and cracked out people who seem to have really nice bikes. Too nice. We should just have free bikes in this city that you leave unlocked wherever you are and when you're ready to go you just take one that's close by. Save everyone all the tears.

Mm...back to bed with tea and crossword puzzles.



Zen said...

See also:


about stolen bikes.

I know your pain, m'dear.

Murray said...

Your idea of communal bicycles actually exists in various places.


I have a friend who spent time in a small German town where there were bicycles everywhere for people to use. Then you'd just leave it for the next person.