Give me my face time!

I'm sorry. Facebook has been taking me away from you. I'm trying to cut down, honestly.


your favorite idiot said...

if i get one more e.mail from someone asking me to join facebook i'm gonna go on a shooting spree.

good times.


Anglonoel said...

Hey Riel, see that you're gigging on Thursday (via Jen's Facebook spot), day I get into 'Couver. I'll be too knackeed to get along, so I send my apols now. Do you intend to go and see Rachael at Yuk-Yuks this weekend? I'd be interested in going along. Drop me a message- I'm on Facebook now!



Anglonoel said...

I meant "knackered"!

Murray said...

Facebook can suck my balls.
Seriously, it can. That's one of its new features. Still, it's not enough to make me want to join.